I love horror. I love fear. I love being afraid…

So ready for Twisty the Clown to scare the living shit out of me. If he doesn’t, I’ll be disappointed.


Carousel" by Melanie Martinez, used for the extended trailer for American Horror Story: Freakshow

Give Victoria her creds. Jocasta tried to play the same game and failed miserably.

I really do feel bad for Frankie. He was screwed. He won the competitions fair and square at the right juncture in the game. Then an incredibly stupid and useless twist was added; At top 5 of all times. A twist like should not be at the top 5. This week his competitors were given a second chance at the game and the competitions and were able to spend a week thinking about how they could have done better at them. It definitely is unfair and sucks for him.


Just curious how Caleb has the nerve to say that Frankie hasn’t done much to protect him in this game when in fact on TWO separate occasions you have tried to get Frankie backdoored and yet STILL Frankie won the veto and used it to take you down off the block.